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Comparing an Upper and Lower Eyelid Lift

It's a fact that as people age, the muscles, fat and skin around the eye grow lax, which leads to sagging and bulging. This excess and drooping tissue is called dermatochalasis and can be caused by age or genetics. Eyelid lifts benefit those people whose eyelids make them look older than they are or perpetually …

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Repairing Sagging in the Jowls and Neck with a Level III Reflection Lift

The number-one cause of sagging jowls (the lower cheek and jaw areas on either side of the mouth) is natural aging. As you age, your face can droop, and the skin also loses vital proteins known as collagen and elastin, that work to keep it firm and smooth. The body begins to produce collagen rather …

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Remove Sunspots with the CO2 Fractional Laser

What Are Sunspots? Sunspots are skin lesions that appear on the skin due to sun exposure. They are often flat and scaly. Sun spots can develop at any age, but they typically occur in patients who are over the age of 40. People who do a lot of driving are likely to develop sunspots on …

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