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Facelift Results

Facelift Results: How to Maximize Your Facelift Results

Facelift surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the country, and it’s no surprise: Facelifts can make you look more youthful with brighter, smoother and more even-looking skin. Studies have shown that the procedure can make you look 7-10 years younger. While the results won’t last forever, it is possible for …

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Botox and Fillers Bruising Prevention

Botox and Fillers: How to Prevent Bruising

We’re often asked how to avoid bruising and swelling after fillers and injections. Ultimately, a lot of how your skin reacts to the injectables depends on what you do – and don’t do – following your visit. While it should be noted that the best injectors can still give a patient a bruise, red spot …

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Skin Care Resolutions

Skin Care Resolutions to Make This New Year’s

Great skin isn’t simply a matter of DNA or age. The routine you choose – or don’t choose – can have a significant impact on the health and vitality of your skin. But there are countless dizzying opinions on everything from moisturizing to toning to protecting yourself from the sun. So, with a new year …

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