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Common Types of Wrinkles and How to Treat Each

It’s natural to notice wrinkles as you age. But did you know there are different kinds of wrinkles whose appearance can be reduced by different treatments? Here is a list of common wrinkles and the best ways to soften them: Atrophic Wrinkles The wrinkles that form when skin is thin and weakened are called atrophic …

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Treating Moderate to Severe Hyperpigmentation with ZO Skin Health

Hyperpigmentation causes darkened, flat patches of skin that vary in size, shape and color. These spots, often called age spots, sunspots or melasma are caused by sun exposure or hormonal changes. They typically appear on body parts that are frequently exposed to the sun, such as the face, hands and arms. They often appear during …

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Lip Fillers Nashville Youthful Reflections

Lip Fillers: How They Work and How Long They’ll Last

Juvéderm Ultra XC and Juvéderm Volbella XC are the latest additions to the family of hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers that are FDA approved for adding volume to lips that are too thin and flat and diminishing deep vertical wrinkles around the lips, referred to as “smoker’s lines”. The XC means that the gel contains …

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Worth Waiting For

We understand you want your facial plastic surgery right away, but this is an instance where patience pays off. Our surgeries are often booked out a few months because Dr. Boggess:

  • Is highly accomplished, and his services are in demand.

  • Takes his time to ensure outstanding safety, care, and results.

  • Offers personalized techniques that aren’t available elsewhere.

We are worth the wait.

Learn more about why the best facial plastic surgeons are worth the wait, and how you can make the most of that time in this blog post.

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