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Woman smiling resting her chin on her hand

Facelift FAQ: Some of Our Most Common Questions During Consultations

Our faces and necks are usually first to show signs of aging.  For this reason, many men and women consider a facelift to help refresh and rejuvenate these areas. Listed below, we’ve addressed some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the facelift procedure.   How long is the recovery time?   When healing from …

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Attractive middle aged woman getting ready to ride a bike

Working Out After A Facelift: Do’s and Don’ts For Post-Surgery Workouts

After a facelift, many or our Nashville patients are eager to return to their normal, everyday activities such as exercise. But as with any surgical procedure, recovery should be taken seriously. How long after a facelift can I exercise? We hear this question often. While you may feel better physically and mentally soon after your …

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