5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re Considering a Facelift

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As we age, our faces and necks are usually the first to show signs of aging, so often people will consider a facelift to help refresh and rejuvenate these areas. But how do you know if you’re ready for a facelift?

Here are five signs that it might be time to do something surgical to rejuvenate your face.

Is Your Skin Is Sagging?

A bit of sagging is natural with age – and it happens to everyone eventually. And a certain amount of sag can typically be improved with fillers. But if you have more extensive, widespread sagging, then fillers may not be the most effective way to improve your overall appearance. So, if your face is sagging or looks tired, even after fillers and adequate sleep, it may be time for a facelift.

Do You Need To Address Your Eyes or Forehead?

If you have a lot of wrinkling in the forehead or a drooping brow – but are less concerned with the area below your eyes to your neck – then you may need a brow lift. But if your problems begin below your eye area and continue to your neck where there may be bands, a result of loose neck muscle, a facelift may be your best course of action.

Are Your Fillers Not Helping Enough with Wrinkles?

While fillers are a great way to make subtle changes to your face, they do not stay effective as time goes on – especially as your face ages. Used early, fillers and muscle relaxants can drastically reduce fine lines and wrinkles. But if your wrinkles are more pronounced, then only a facelift will correct them.

Is Your Jawline Drooping or Dropping?

A well-defined jawline creates a youthful appearance. So, if you have jowls, significant lower-face wrinkles, and poor jawline definition, you could be ready for a facelift. A good test is to cup your hands along the sides of your jaw and gently pull toward your ears. If you like the results, you could be a good candidate for a facelift that can correct a drooping jawline and tighten your chin area.

Are You in Good Health?

It’s important that you are in good health before any surgery to make sure that you are going to get the best-looking results and healing, and to make sure you minimize your risk of complications. Good physical health is a huge step toward a facelift that will help you achieve the results you want for many years to come.

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