Five Reasons to Consider BOTOX® Injections to Improve Your Facial Appearance

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BOTOX® injections have become the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States, helping millions of men and women improve their looks. They are particularly useful in treating lines and wrinkles in the face that usually appear as part of the aging process. Here are five good reasons to consider facial injections with BOTOX®.

Creating a More Youthful Appearance

BOTOX® involves the injection of small amounts of botulinum toxin into certain muscles of facial expression. It blocks nerve impulses that stimulate the muscles to contract, which will ultimately lead to a smoother complexion. BOTOX® injections are considered more effective than lotions and creams.

Removing Those Menacing Lines

Years of frowning and other facial expressions can overwork the muscles in your face, eventually leading to damage of the overlying skin that comes in the form of wrinkles. BOTOX® injections relax facial muscles and can almost magically smooth out the skin that covers them. The result is the virtual disappearance of frown lines and “crow’s feet” that often appear around the eyes.

Preventing Future Wrinkles

In addition to diminishing those wrinkles that are already present, BOTOX® injections can serve to prevent wrinkles from developing in the future. They accomplish this by promoting the production of elastin and collagen, two proteins that make the skin both firm and flexible. BOTOX® injections can thus prevent the formation of wrinkles and prevent small lines from becoming much bigger or even permanent.

The Convenience of BOTOX® Injections

Considered a “lunchtime” procedure because it so convenient, BOTOX® treatment can be administered in a matter of minutes on an outpatient basis. This allows those receiving injections to return to work or their regular activities almost immediately. Patients will merely be asked not to lie down for about an hour after the treatment and also to avoid touching the affected area. Injections involve little physical discomfort and avoid the side effects of other cosmetic procedures.

Expect Fast Results

One of the most popular aspects of BOTOX® injections is the fast manner in which they work. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, BOTOX® injections will begin to show their effects in a matter of a few days, with the results lasting for months. BOTOX® is a fast and efficient way that to make men and women look better to others and feel better about themselves.

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