Help, I have Sunspots! How Do I Get Rid of Them?

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Anyone can get sunspots, also known as solar lentigines or liver spots. However, they are most common in people who have fair skin. Those who are at least 40 years of age are more prone to these spots as well.

If you do not know whether you have these spots, look in the mirror and examine your face. If you see flat brown spots on your skin, these are probably sunspots. They appear after sun exposure because the sun’s ultraviolet rays cause melanocytes, your pigmented skin cells, to spread and multiply.

Aside from the face, these spots can also appear on other parts of the body, including your forearms, the back of the hands, and shoulders. Most get bothered when they have these spots on the face, especially fair-skinned people because the spots can be very noticeable.

Youthful Reflections can help you treat these spots. There are also some home remedies that may help lessen the appearance of sunspots:  While aloe vera, topical vitamin-C, vitamin E supplements, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice are all promoted as at-home remedies you can try, their effectiveness is not proven. If you really want your sunspots reduced, a professional treatment is best.

Use aloe vera. This plant contains aloesin and aloin, which are ingredients that can help lighten sunspots and other hyperpigmentation issues.

Apply topical vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid. This vitamin is a natural antioxidant with many benefits, including lightening the skin. It also helps protect you against both UVA and UVB rays. At the same time, it promotes the production of collagen. It is important, however, to make sure that you apply sunscreen when you use vitamin C products on your face before you go outdoors.

Take vitamin E supplements and use oil that is rich in this vitamin. This compound has the power to protect your skin against the harmful sun. Eating foods rich in vitamin E can also help protect the skin and its health.

Licorice extract can help to lighten your dark spots and heal other skin discoloration issues. Even melasma, which is a common problem among pregnant women, can be reduced. Several products that are on the market today targeting dark spots contain licorice.

Apple cider vinegar is useful for giving you glowing skin. This vinegar contains acetic acid, which is effective in lightening the skin and reducing the appearance of pigments.

Other home remedies that you can opt for include green tea, buttermilk, milk, and honey. Lemon juice is also effective according to many people. However, it is important to exercise caution when applying lemon juice on your skin. After all, it is acidic, which can make your skin more vulnerable to the sun. Additionally, it can dry your skin and even irritate your eyes if you are not careful with it.

For better solutions that provide quick results, it is always best to go to a professional. Youthful Reflections offers different treatments that can diminish your sunspots. This way, you can get clearer and better-looking skin in no time. Some of the most effective treatments recommended to patients are:

Laser Resurfacing: Beams of light will help remove the outer skin layers damaged by the sun. A new layer of skin will replace it as that part of the skin heals. The procedure can take about 30 minutes or more depending on the condition of the area being treated. The healing process can last at least 10 days.

Chemical Peels: The treatment may sound scary and painful, but it is not. For many patients, facial peeling treatment is effective, but it can leave the skin bright red for a few days. While your skin is healing, you should stay out of the sun; otherwise, you risk damaging your skin even more.

Microdermabrasion: This method exfoliates dead skin cells gently. It can also help in boosting the skin’s collagen production.

Cryotherapy or Cryosurgery: Another treatment that sounds frightening, cryosurgery freezes the dark spots. They become white afterward and develop a scab. But don’t worry! The scabs will fall off in a matter of days.

Some products and ingredients target the reduction of dark spots. Anesthetic nurses can help you determine which treatments are right for your skin. Dr. Michael Boggess can give you recommendations on how you can lighten the spots on your face due to sun exposure. Some of the most common products used are retinoids, hydroquinone, and kojic acid.

The mentioned products are powerful, but they can make your skin even more vulnerable to sun exposure. Some creams can cause a burning sensation, especially those that contain hydroquinone. Stop using it right away if you notice any stinging.

Results can vary depending on your situation. It is always best to consult with the experts. Talk to Dr. Boggess or the professionals at Youthful Reflections about your skin concerns, so you can get the most suitable treatment for you.

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