How to Look Younger!

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Tips to Look and Feel Younger

While getting older may be inevitable, how we age is largely within our control. It’s all a state of mind, after all, and these ten tips can help you start to look and feel younger.

1.  Avoid Sun Damage.

Always wear sunscreen – whether it’s cloudy or sunny – with at least a 30 SPF rating, and make sure it’s broad-spectrum as damage from the sun’s UVA and UVB ultraviolet light is linked to about 90 percent of the visible signs of aging.

2.  Eat A Healthy Diet.

A healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and good fats is essential for supporting healthy aging inside and out.

3.  Drink Water.

Drink 6-8 glasses of filtered water every day to keep skin supple and support optimum health. Dehydration can cause your skin to become dry and wrinkled but with proper hydration, tissues and skin cells are replenished for younger, healthier-looking skin.

4.  Exercise.

Daily, vigorous exercise, particularly high-intensity interval training, increases blood flow, moving oxygen and nutrients to working cells in the body – skin included – promoting a more youthful look. And maintaining a healthy weight can help you avoid the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

5.  Don’t Smoke.

Cigars and cigarettes dehydrate your skin and reduce vitamin C, which can lead to collagen breakdown, wrinkle formation, and a dry, dull complexion. Smoking also leads to significantly more wrinkles around the mouth.

6.  Limit Alcohol & Caffeine.

While alcohol in moderation can have some health benefits, too much alcohol and caffeine can have a negative impact on both your health and appearance as they both dehydrate and deplete your body of vital nutrients.

7.  Take Care Of Your Skin.

How to look younger? Start your day with a gentle exfoliating cleanser and then apply a moisturizer to hydrate the skin, allowing it to stay elastic and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Green-tea extract, vitamins A, C & E, and hyaluronic acid can help protect against free-radicals, increase collagen and retain moisture.

8.  Get a Boost With Nutritional Supplements.

If your first line of defense is a healthy diet, your second line of defense should be anti-aging supplements that can boost your energy levels, improve your mood and immune function, and fight inflammation.

9.  Sleep.

They don’t call it ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing. In fact, studies have shown that sleeping six hours or less per night can ‘age’ you biologically by about nine years. And not getting enough sleep can also lead to brain tissue loss, affecting learning and memory. So it should really be called ‘beauty and brain sleep.’

10. See A Professional.

Some things – like genetics and time – are out of our control. And that’s when the experienced professionals at Youthful Reflections can help. Dr. Boggess and his staff will work with you every step of the way to help you look as young as you feel. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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