Laser Resurfacing and the Sun

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If you have been planning to have special corrective facial treatments, you may have heard about fractional CO2 laser surfacing. Fractional CO2 laser surfacing is one of the most popular procedures at Youthful Reflections and comes with several benefits that will leave you feeling more refreshed and beautiful!

Among the many reasons why patients choose Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is that it does not involve any surgery. You will undergo a skin rejuvenation treatment with minimal processes involved. However, you will leave our clinic feeling reinvigorated and renewed. Best of all, your skin will look younger and more glowing than ever.

What is Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that uses a fractional carbon dioxide laser. This type of laser is highly acclaimed because it has the longest wavelength out of all the existing lasers today. It can be used on almost everyone without worrying about the skin’s safety.  However, those with darker skin tones need to be treated more conservatively to avoid changes in pigmentation of the skin.
Using lasers to treat concerns on the face has many benefits. This procedure can address several issues, including:

• Typical wrinkles due to aging

• Wrinkles that are deeper within the skin caused by a variety of factors such as smoking and stress

• Severe textural changes due to sun damage

• Blotchiness of the skin

• Scars left by acne

• Traumatic scars due to surgery

The fractional CO2 laser excels in treating fine lines around the mouth and eyes.  It can also be useful in treating actinic keratosis or precancerous growths.

Most of the time, patients go through the procedure to reduce wrinkles and uneven skin tone and texture of the facial area.

What to Do Before the Procedure

The most important thing to do to prepare for your procedure is to set up a consultation with Dr. Boggess and his team to determine the best plan for your face. Once you have discussed your treatment plan with Dr. Boggess, your next step will be to schedule an appointment!

On the day of the procedure, it will be important to arrive on time. You may be asked to avoid wearing makeup, lotions or perfumes, particularly in the areas that will be treated.  Prior to your procedure, Dr. Boggess and his staff will give you instructions and precautions about what to do and what not to do. Be sure to listen carefully and take any necessary notes.

If you have had cold sores in the past, you should notify Dr. Boggess right away. You should never wait for the appointment to tell your medical history, especially with infections, as you may have to take medication before the day of the treatment.

Dr. Boggess will advise you to avoid products that may be too strong for the skin. These products contain active ingredients, such as AHAs and retinoids.

What to Do After the Procedure

Laser treatments and sun exposure do not go well together, which is why it is crucial to take precautions when going outdoors after your procedure. As much as possible, you should avoid the direct sun for at least a week after the treatment to avoid any permanent skin damage.

If it is not possible to stay indoors, you should stay in the shade and wear protective clothing in order to defend your skin against UV rays. Use sunscreen labeled as broad spectrum and make sure that it has at least SPF 30. Reapplying sunscreen every two hours is also an important step. Some clients who do not apply sunscreen and go out in the sun unprotected, suffer from pigmentation changes which are no longer reversible.

Trying to avoid the sun as much as you can, will be the best way to protect your skin after this procedure. After the treatment, your skin will be tender, so be sure to let it heal by properly caring for it.

The Youthful Reflections Difference

Youthful Reflections is a trustworthy plastic surgery center, offering personalized care and the latest technology to help you feel like a more beautiful version of you.  Dr. Michael Boggess, who is a revered expert in cosmetic facial procedures, will work with you every step of the way to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. If you are ready to restore your skin’s elasticity, eliminate the effects of sun damage and look younger, schedule a free consultation with the face experts of Nashville today.

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