5 Rhinoplasty Recovery Tips: Sleeping, Eating, Living After Surgery

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Congratulations! You went through the hard part of researching the rhinoplasty procedure, finding a plastic surgeon to perform the procedure, and actually going through with it. Now that the rhinoplasty is done, it’s time to heal.

Recovering from any surgery can be tough, and a rhinoplasty (nose job) is no different. This post will give you a few rhinoplasty recovery tips for a thorough and bump-free experience.

1. Keep Your Head Elevated

Keeping your head elevated is important as this can help the post-surgical swelling and bruising resolve more quickly. You will need to keep your head propped up whenever you are in bed, even while you sleep. This may be uncomfortable at times, so use a few pillows to make it as comfortable as possible.

2. Keep Your Clothing Loose and Comfortable

You may be the most stylish person among your friends, but during this recovery period you will need to keep things simple. While you are recovering, wear loose, comfortable shirts that button up in the front. If you pull t-shirts over your head during this time, you could risk injury to your still-healing nose. This can negatively affect the final effects of the rhinoplasty.

3. Keep Your Recovery Diet Simple

When you eat certain foods, movement in your nasal area happens simultaneously. This shouldn’t be happening too much in the days after your rhinoplasty, so you should stick to soft, easy to chew foods right after the surgery. You do not have to eat a liquid diet, but you do want to avoid things like chewing gum and foods that require vigorous chewing. You will also want to avoid alcohol due to its blood thinning qualities, and tobacco because it can interfere with your healing process.

4. Keep Up a Moderate Level of Physical Activity

Before you go home to recover, your surgeon will tell you to refrain from most forms of exercise for the next couple of weeks. While you should always follow your doctor’s orders, this does not mean that you have to stay in bed for weeks on end. Walking around your home and eventually around the block a couple of times gives you a couple of benefits. First, it can keep blood clots from forming. Second, it can prevent constipation that can come from some pain relievers.

5. Keep Resting

In the first couple of days after your rhinoplasty, you will want to stay off your feet as much as possible. You may still feel the effects of the anesthesia the first day or two, plus you may also experience some headaches. Plus, keeping things easy the first few days after the rhinoplasty can help swelling subside faster.

Recovering from a rhinoplasty may seem overwhelming but with these easy to follow tips you’ll be recovered in no time.

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