Summer Skin Care Tips

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Summer is here and with it comes fun activities like picnics, hikes, cooking out and spending extra time with family and friends. You can take a break and spoil yourself with a relaxing vacation to the beach or mountains, or just spend a little extra time poolside! You can wear your favorite sundress or comfiest pair of shorts without having to worry about chilly weather! No wonder summer is a favorite season for many.

While you are out enjoying the longer days, be sure that you don’t neglect your skin care. Unfortunately, the summer season can take a toll on your skin, so you might even want to develop a special summertime routine. Pollution, heat, humidity and UVA rays can dull your natural glow. Thankfully, the experts at Youthful Reflections are here to provide tips to help you keep your skin healthy and looking radiant:

1. Wear sunscreen.

Sure, the sun feels great on your skin, but it can really do some damage. Avoid being outside during the hottest parts of the day around noon. When you do go outside, it is crucial to wear sunscreen with a high SPF to ensure you are protecting yourself from harmful rays.

It is important to remember to reapply sunscreen as frequently as possible or at least every two hours, as sunscreen tends to wear off within that window. A teaspoon should be enough to cover your face. As for the body, you need at least 2 ounces.

At Youthful Reflections, we carry a variety of sunscreens from ZO Skin Health. A patient favorite is the ZO Sunscreen Plus Primer SPF 30.

2. Exfoliate your body.

Although the body sheds skin cells several times daily, many adults do not take the time to exfoliate. If you leave these dead skin cells on your face and body, they will quickly age you. Unfortunately, this will leave your skin looking dull, dry and unhealthy. You can apply as much lotion as you want, but it is nearly impossible to have glowing skin without exfoliating.

Exfoliating can easily be incorporated into your skin routine. When you shower, gently rub a body scrub in circular motions all over your body starting from your shoulders and working your way down. For the face and neck, be sure to use an exfoliator that is made for your face.

While it is not necessary to exfoliate every day, it is recommended to do so at least one to two times weekly. Pay attention to your skin and how it feels to determine how many times you should add this to your routine.

3. Hydrate yourself.

Another skin care must is to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. According to experts, you should drink at least eight glasses of water daily. One idea is to carry a bottle of water with you whenever you are outside. While outdoors, take a break at least once every 30 minutes to drink your water. These tips will not only prevent you from getting dehydrated but will also help to remove toxins in your body, which can lead to signs of premature aging.

4. Wear your accessories.

When going out, you should try to cover up as much as possible. As the weather permits, consider wearing protective clothing, along with your sunglasses and hat. While a baseball cap may go well with your outfit, it is important to consider that it will not protect your face fully from the sun. A good alternative is a wide brim hat that will give you the full protection you need.

5. Do not forget about the other parts of the body.

Your eyes, lips, and feet are just some of the areas you may not think about during the summer. Use a hydrating cream for your eyes in addition to applying sunscreen to that area. The skin under your eyes is much thinner than the rest of your body and face, so it is always essential to protect it, especially when out in the sun.

Your lips can also become dry and discolored from overexposure to the sun. Look for a rich lip balm that has an SPF of at least 15 for protection. During the warm summer months, you’ve likely moved those boots to the back of the closet and pulled out some cute sandals and flip flops. It is important to note that due to the heat, your feet may become dry and begin to crack, often at the heel. Consider taking an extra step to protect and moisturize by applying sunscreen to your feet as well.

Rejuvenating Treatments to Try This Summer

One of the best things about summer is that it seems like there is just a little bit more time in each day. Use that time wisely by making a pledge to take care of yourself. At Youthful Reflections, we help hundreds of clients do just that. We offer skin care products to protect and rejuvenate your skin like Skinbetter Science. The Skinbetter brand is helpful for anyone who wants to achieve beautiful and younger-looking skin.

You can also take advantage of the summer months to treat yourself to a facial procedure like Peri-oral treatments. This effective and non-invasive facial treatment helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth that may have been caused by smoking.

Contact Youthful Reflections today to learn which treatment is best for you this summer.

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