Sunscreen in the Winter

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The question of wearing sunscreen all the time, including winter, is often asked by patients. Youthful Reflections wants you to learn about some reasons for wearing sunscreen during the colder months of the year. Here are some reasons to wear sunscreen  as the temperatures drop: 

1. UV is still there. 
Although some of the UV rays (UVB) are weaker during the winter, the ones that cause damage to skin (UVA) are just as strong; those are the rays that cause wrinkles, damage, and premature aging, which justifies year-round concern. 

2. Mountain air is thinner. 
If you ski or snowboard and go to the mountains for your favorite sport, you should be aware that UV rays are increased by nearly 4 percent with each 1000 feet of elevation. It turns out that this might be more sun exposure than a day at your favorite beach. 

3. Snow reflects sun rays. 
With the surroundings of snow, either at your favorite ski resort or closer to home, you might be getting strong exposure to harmful rays. Although we don’t get a lot of snow in Nashville, the little that we do get reflects 80 percent of UVA rays, adding quite a bit of sun. 

4. Sitting inside, looking out, is not safer. 
If you stay inside and sit by the window, you could still be exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. It is thought that 50 to 60 percent of the UVA rays are able to penetrate the glass barrier of the window. 

5. The Ozone is thinner during the winter. 
Ozone protects the earth from harmful UV rays. During the winter it is at its thinnest, which means that the screening from the sun, provided by nature, is at its lowest point. This holds true, especially in the time from December through March. 

Just because it feels cold outside, does not mean that the sun has retreated from its job. Wearing protection for your face is just as important as wearing clothes to protect your body from the cold. 

To keep your skin its best, both in summer and winter, Youthful Reflections offers both surgical and non-surgical procedures to help you be your more beautiful self and help keep you looking radiant. 

Face Procedures 

  • Facelift
  • Brow Lift
  • Upper Eyelid Lift
  • Lower Eyelid Lift
  • Chin and Cheek implants
  • and more

Non- Surgical Face Procedures 

  • Fillers and injectables
  • ZO 3-Step Peel
  • Youthful Reflections Peri-Oral Rejuvenation
  • Renew procedure and Liquid Lift
  • and more

Dr. Boggess and the staff will be happy to discuss how we can help you keep your skin in its best condition, whatever the season. Give us a call at (615) 942-8016 for a free consultation. 

Individual results may vary, as each person is unique.

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