Dr. Boggess Addresses Concerns Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Youthful Reflections Facial Plastic Surgery Center

With concerns related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) weighing heavily on everyone’s minds, I want to reassure all our patients that we are taking measures to protect everyone that enters our practice from potential transmission of the illness.  I encourage people who may have symptoms of illness, or who may have traveled recently outside the country, to reschedule their appointment to a later date.  The safety and health of our patients is always our highest priority.  Youthful Reflections is an office-based surgery center that is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).  Those credentials assure that we follow the nationally recognized standards for office-based surgery and care for patients throughout the perioperative period.  We will continue to provide this high level of care to our patients throughout the healthcare crisis which we are currently facing.

As always, we continue to utilize standard practices of sterility throughout all surgical procedures.  Even outside of the procedure rooms, we incorporate standard medical practices of routine cleaning and disinfection throughout the entire office.  In addition, we will encourage patients who may have signs or symptoms of illness, including fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, cough, or shortness of breath, to avoid coming into our office and reschedule appointments for a later date when symptoms have resolved.  We will also attempt to minimize wait times and avoid accumulation of patients in our waiting rooms.  With two separate waiting rooms in our office, we will make every effort to minimize contact between patients to enforce social distancing, as recommended by the presidential task force that has been established for containment of the outbreak of COVID-19.  Because our practice focuses solely on facial rejuvenation, we typically deal with healthy patients who are at low risk for transmission of this viral illness.  However, we realize that no one is immune to COVID-19, and we will take all precautions to protect our patients.  We will continue to adapt our approach to this healthcare crisis as indicated by new information that becomes available.  We pray for our nation and all those affected by this pandemic throughout the world.


Michael A Boggess, M.D.

2 Responses to Dr. Boggess Addresses Concerns Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • Kim Felean Jones says:

    Thank you and your staff for all you do for your patients in today’s environment but also in what we consider a normal environment!! You guys are the best!!!!

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