Get All the Facts About Laser Skin Resurfacing

A woman undergoing a laser skin resurfacing treatment (model)

If you want to improve your skin’s texture or appearance, laser skin resurfacing may be the best treatment option. Factors like aging, sun damage and acne can wreak havoc on your skin. But we’re here to help with laser skin resurfacing and a variety of other innovative cosmetic procedures we offer at Youthful Reflections Plastic Surgery.

Whether you’re curious about trying this treatment for the first time, or you want to learn more, we are happy to share everything you should know about laser skin resurfacing.
Here are some common questions asked by patients:

Should I get laser skin resurfacing?

Have you tried to improve your skin tone with over-the-counter products, but to no avail? The best candidates for laser skin resurfacing are patients who are ready to achieve meaningful results with the help of an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Some common conditions I treat using laser skin resurfacing include, sun damage,  fine wrinkles, coarse skin, age spots, uneven skin texture or tone, brown and red spots, volume loss, skin laxity, and mild to moderate acne scars.

How does it work?

Dr. Michael Boggess uses a fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) laser for skin resurfacing. The laser penetrates the outer layer of the skin with beams that target treatment areas rather than damaging the skin’s entire surface. This stimulates the growth of collagen so new, healthy skin replaces the damaged cells. Fractional CO2 laser skin resurfacing is typically performed in a single treatment lasting 20 to 30 minutes. Keep in mind that treatments can be customized to the needs of each patient. For example, patients with more sun damage may benefit from deeper or multiple skin resurfacing treatments.

How quickly does laser resurfacing work?

One of the benefits of laser skin resurfacing is that patients see results quickly. Within the first week, there is improvement in tone and texture. Full laser resurfacing results are more noticeable approximately 3 months after the skin has completely healed.

How long does laser skin resurfacing last?

Factors like age, genetics, skin elasticity and degree of sun damage impact how long skin resurfacing lasts. You can improve the longevity of results by protecting your skin from the sun and following a good skincare regimen. Consistent use of sunscreen and brimmed hats can maintain the results of your CO2 laser treatment for years.

Does laser skin resurfacing hurt?

Achieving beautiful results doesn’t have to be painful! I prioritize your comfort and relaxation during the procedure by using light sedation with a topical anesthetic cream and/or local anesthetic injections.

What is recovery like?

You can expect 2 to3 days of light crusting in the treatment area. It typically takes 3 to 7 days to heal and you can resume normal activities. Wait a week before applying makeup. Redness takes about 1 to 3 weeks to diminish.

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