Get Outside — But Protect Your Skin

A woman in Brentwood, TN is looking in a mirror to make sure her face is properly protected from the sun before going outside.

The reality of COVID-19 has touched nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives, even now that businesses are reopening. As a plastic surgery practice in the Nashville area, we’re keenly aware of the changes our practice and our patients are going through. One of the biggest adjustments has been learning to adapt to social distancing guidelines. Spending so much time at homeeven with friends and family—isn’t always easy.

One of the best ways we’ve all remained healthy is by having fun outdoors. However, even if you’re spending limited time in the sun, it’s still important to protect and nurture your skin. Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you plan a run around the neighborhood or a quick trip to the park with your kids.

Outdoor Benefits

Morning runs and afternoon porch naps can help more than you think. There are plenty of physical and mental benefits of spending time outside. Fresh air can help you feel more awake, and the sun provides essential vitamin D. Those who spend time in nature report reduced blood pressure and mental clarity. Time outside can help “reset” your system and help you feel more balanced. 

You don’t have to spend all day outdoors to enjoy these benefits, either. A simple walk around the block or a half-hour in the backyard can work. Exercise also offers stress relief and improves your overall mental health. Adding nature time to your daily routine can increase your quality of life.

Staying Sun Safe

Although all that spring sunshine offers plenty of perks, there are a few other factors to keep in mind. During the warmer months, UV rays and sun exposure are at their peak. Be sure to properly protect your skin when you’re outdoorseven if you’re not outside for all that long.

Wear sunscreen whenever you or your loved ones are spending time outside. It’s also helpful to wear sun-protective clothing, such as a sun hat or lightweight long-sleeved shirt. If you’re out enjoying lunch in the park, try finding a shady tree to relax under. These little changes might seem small, but protecting your skin means fewer wrinkles and reduced future sun damage.

Treatments for Sun Damage

Most of us try our best when it comes to sun safety. However, it’s nearly impossible to stay in the clear forever. Our practice offers many skin rejuvenation treatments for those who have experienced previous sun damage. Laser skin resurfacing can fade brown spots, and microneedling can minimize fine lines and wrinkles. If you have some free time while staying at home, consider researching your treatment options at our Nashville-area practice to discover which are right for you.

Spending a safe time outdoors can make staying at home a little bit easier. And although the threat of the coronavirus hasn’t been entirely eliminated, our team is here for you in these unique times. Youthful Reflections has reopened for business (as of May 1, 2020), and we will continue to see patients for follow-up care and emergency concerns. If you have any questions, please contact us online or call (615) 942-8016.

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