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under eye bags

Under Eye Bags or Circles: What Causes Them?

You may have been wondering what causes the appearance of under eye circles or bags and how you can get rid of them. At Youthful Reflections, we have a procedure to address this beauty issue and make you look refreshed and younger in appearance. Dark circles under the eyes are common with aging, because the …

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Chin Implant: What You Should Know

While the placement of a chin implant can restore facial harmony and proportion, the aesthetics of the face may be improved in several ways. Making your nose look smaller is just one of the benefits of this type of implant. Chin implants can also improve the contour of the jawline and provide additional depth to …

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Wrinkle Reducer

Wrinkle Reducer: How To Reduce Wrinkles Around The Mouth

Smile lines. Laugh lines. Marionette lines. Lipstick lines. Smokers’ lines. Nasolabial folds. Whatever you call them, the wrinkles that inevitably form above and around your mouth are common, and a telltale sign of aging. Causes of Wrinkles Around The Mouth As mentioned, aging is a major cause of mouth wrinkles. You’ve spent a lifetime using …

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Fillers vs. Fat Transfer Pros and Cons Youthful Reflections

Fillers vs. Fat Transfer: Pros & Cons

For many years, facial rejuvenation was limited to skin resurfacing with lasers and peels, and various surgical soft tissue repositioning procedures performed by a facial plastic surgeon. But now, as many of our Nashville patients are discovering, there are so many non-surgical injectable options available, it’s often difficult to decide which is right for you. …

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Under Eye Bags Treatment

Under Eye Bags Treatment

Bags under the eyes have a way of making a person look old and tired, even when they are wide awake and alert, and cross and sullen when they’re perfectly happy. Age is the culprit behind the slackening of the skin and muscles of a person’s lower eyelid. When this happens, the fat around the …

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Getting Fuller Cheeks

Though high cheekbones are often considered signs of youth and beauty, as a person ages the volume of bone and fat in the middle of their face decreases. This leads to flattening of the cheeks and deepening of the folds between the nose and the corners of the mouth, called nasolabial folds, and between the …

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Aftercare and Recovery from a Facial Fat Transfer Procedure

One way cosmetic surgeons add volume to flattened areas of a patient's face is to use fat that’s been removed through liposuction from the legs, midsection, or rear end. The great advantage this has over other dermal fillers is that it won’t be rejected, the results are longer lasting, and the cost is less when …

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What Works Best to Restore Volume and Facial Fullness?

As people age, the face is subjected to a progressive loss of fat and bone volume. The skin in the mid and lower face noticeably droops, transforming the state of appearance from that of younger years. The sagging that occurs flattens the cheeks and amplifies nasolabial folds (creases extending from the side of the nose …

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Comparing Facelift Surgery Techniques

According to the recent data from The Aesthetic Society, one of the nation's most popularly performed cosmetic surgeries is a rhytidectomy, more commonly known as a facelift. It's equally popular with Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin men and women. As technology advances, so do aesthetic surgery techniques. The concept of tightening loose skin for a youthful …

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Fat Transfer Experts Nashville

Fat Transfer Is the Natural Filler

The process of using fat from one part of the body to fill or add volume to another part of the body dates back to the 1980s. Over the past three decades, the process has been refined to be safer and more efficient. Fat transfers are now one of the hottest anti-aging cosmetic procedures, and …

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